luni, 28 noiembrie 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving usually translates into a culinary bounty, the cherry on top being the delicious pumpkin pie. Here's how I usually make it (with a couple of tweaks mentioned below). Plus music to carve the pumpkin to as well as bake the actual pie to. Plus photos.

First of all, I tend to use a larger quantity of pumpkin pulp, and a larger pie mold. Then, I never use store-bought crust or pastry base, instead I either make a quick graham crackers crust or, more often, a classic, flour-based crust (the same one I use for my Coconut Cream Pie), in which case I throw in some lattice work on top. I usually skip the nutmeg (apparently it is poisonous) and add a dash of vanilla or rum, instead.
Here are the photos.

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