miercuri, 26 octombrie 2011

Southern Devil's Food Cake

My gran&bro had a birthday in the summer months (which is not uncommon, as it tends to happen every darn year). However, because the family couldn't be together for their birthday, we celebrated later on and now I'm late-late-blogging their cake. What is that you say?Unsynchronized mess?Well, here's The Doctor using his sonic screwdriver to make it all cohere.

Southern Devil's Food Cake
My peeps love chocolate so I decided to make something with enough of it so that not even the most flat out chocoholic could handle it. Short story long: We all caved in. Mom didn't. (She must have switched her blood for liquid chocolate earlier in life.) Mission failed. Tasty yum! Ready for a challenge? Here we go!
Here's the recipe.
Here's the music to bake it to:

And here are the pictures:

I covered mine in blackberries because we had A LOT of them and I thought they worked well with the serious amounts of choc. They do, so feel free to berry-it-up for a bit of relief from all that choc.

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