luni, 18 octombrie 2010


I don't believe in spring ennui. I simply don't get it! How would one lack interest in anything and everything when flowers are in bloom and children are playing in the streets and water is joyously gushing in one's sneakers at every street corner? However, I am a big believer in autumn ennui. I mean, with the rain and the impenetrable darkness that collapses on top of us at odd hours, the frigid temperatures, the slow destruction of summers' foliage and its many humming bugs, what's to celebrate?
Oh, yeah, there's always pumpkins! And so far...I've been obsessing over pumpkin-colored/-flavored/-like things. I made this pumpkin pie, I finally found the most perfect orange nail polish and proceeded to paint my nails, I made a Jack O'Lantern out of a huge, green-ish Turkish pumpkin. I even ate an orange, and anyone who knows me, knows that I never-ever eat oranges.
...and that's the full list of my accomplishments. I've done none of the things I must do, I am in no mood to do anything other than cook/bake, knit and watch TV shows. And that's a problem. That is indeed, a big problem.
(to be continued once the problem is solved)