marți, 13 iulie 2010

Starstruck Shawl

I've been contemplating this project for the past year and a half without succeeding in finding the proper yarn (in terms of color, fiber and price.) Finally, I decided to just compromise a little (by using acrylic yarn instead of merino and red and white instead of lava and pale desert) in order to get it done. Naturally, my brain pulsates with an omnipresent promise of someday, somewhere succeeding in perfecting the experience.

This shawl is a belated-belated gift for A., a dear friend of mine. Something about its casual, yet quirky pattern, its mix of colors and its Nordic (Ikea-ish) appearance made me obsess over it and deem it the only imaginable perfect-gift. I may have been wrong, but I still adore the end product, so, you shall see many similar ones in the coming months.
While working on (and musing over) this piece of knittery, I imagined my friend in the snow-capped Swiss Alps, freely jumping off airplanes (with a parachute strapped to her back, OF COURSE) and sketching abstractions down majestic slopes with the use of her snowboard and maybe even sky surfing?! Because of its accessible palette, the scarf can also be the focus of an everyday look, thus, making it more playful and eye-catching. I hope this scarf/shawl will be a reliable companion throughout winter, regardless of whether she's in the Alpine wilderness or in the frigid concrete jungle.

This is an example of what her snow attire might look like:

Alpine Holiday

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