duminică, 13 septembrie 2009

O's Purple Lacy Scarf

My friend O's been asking for a purple scarf for quite a while now. And, since my knit-o-sophy is: "ask for it in the summer, get it by winter (and vice versa)" O's about to get scarfed.
The first thing I decided was that I wanted a more intricate pattern and a more delicate overall appearance. I chose this lacy pattern because it goes well with her personality and her wardrobe. Unfortunately, my choice of color and material were severely limited by my lovely town's lack of profile shops. (My reluctance to leave town did not help, either.) So, it is what it is: a pretty bright shade of purple + a lovely pattern + an artificial, yet pleasantly soft yarn. Now that it's all done (and because I'm dealing with lace) I'm having a hard time deciding whether to block it or not. It might prove useless (since acrylic does not have a memory, like wool and cotton). On the other hand, if I block it, the scarf will look quite amazing when O receives it and that should be enough (...kind of). For now, enjoy the pictures of this unblocked piece of knittery.
I had to give O the scarf sooner than expected, so I had no time to block it. However, I figured that for this particular scarf, a light ironing after every wash should do the trick. If not, machine-washing the garment and allowing it to dry on a flat surface is the only alternative I could find. Hopefully, O will try at least one of these and let me know how things worked out for her.

Here's a taste of O's fashion personality:

Another Sunny Day (For Oli)

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