vineri, 1 mai 2009

Christmas Scarf for Mic

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Christmas fanatic in possession of a good pair of antlers must be in want of a..matching scarf.
It may sound like a trifle, but finding a good Christmas-themed scarf pattern proved to be quite a challenge. Despite my geeky googles, I didn't find a jolly-enough one that could be worn in public without mortifying Mic, so I decided to create one.
Firstly, I had to set some boundaries:
1. thou shall create no Mark Darcies
2. thou shall not hint at any landmark Super Bowl events
3. thou shall not bedazzle or pom-pom
This being said, I realized that my only option was to make a truly simple, totally wearable, yet somewhat quirky scarf. I am acutely aware of Mic's love of colors, yet, I'd rather have her adorn this basic, bi-dye scarf with the use of badges, brooches, magnetic pins, etc according to her mood (yep, just pull a Madeleine Albright , dear one) than to impose my own Christmasy fantasies upon her.
(pictures coming soon)

here's my take on Mic's Christmas style:

Merry Christmas

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